March 31, 2015

Program Updates – April, 2015



The big news this past month was our appearance at the Bay Conservation and Development Commission hearing on March 19. Our Chapter joined SF Baykeeper, Sierra Club SF Bay chapter, Ocean Research Foundation, Save the Bay, and others in calling for a halt to the expansion of sand mining in SF Bay. At the meeting, we publicly endorsed the Ca Coastal Commission’s recommendation that more study is needed on bay sand mining due its potentially significant impact to Ocean Beach erosion.
Also, stay tuned for an upcoming opportunity to help preserve the beach at Sharp Park.  A proposal to renovate the pump at the lagoon is slated to come before the Ca Coastal Commission in April. When known, we’ll confirm the details thru chapter communications (Facebook, Twitter, Website Calendar, and Email) For more info on our beach preservation campaigns, check out our blog!



Just in time for Earth Day, the RAP program is launching the PLASTIC STRAWS SUCK! campaign. We’ll need help from some enthusiastic volunteers who aren’t afraid to speak to business owners, asking them to offer straws upon request. Volunteers are asked to attend a training following the April chapter meeting on 4/7 (if you can’t make it but would like to be involved, please email Shannon at We’ll cover strategy and talking points, and schedule some days that we can walk the neighborhoods in groups. The RAP team is also looking to garner support from City Hall. Last week Eva and Shannon spoke with an aid in Eric Mar’s office to ask for (1) a city-wide ban on plastic straws, similar to the bottled water ban; and (2) financial support in the form of campaign ads on MUNI buses. We will be continuing this conversation and will keep the chapter updated.
Save the Date for a RAP fundraiser May 16th at Church of Surf. And come hungry as this will be our inaugural mac and cheese cook-off (catchy name and more details to come!)
Lastly, we are partnering with 5 Gyres at the Baker Beach clean up on April 25. Bring your product with micro beads, turn it in and get a raffle ticket and the chance to win a variety of ocean friendly prizes! 10AM-12PM.
March 12, 2015


Tonight’s meeting was very informative and we had a great turnout, 35 guests and all of the pizza was consumed. Spring is really shaping up, and our presence is being felt in the community. We had 5 Gyres, ZipCar, and Sports Basement employees in attendance.

February Recap 

Plant Don’t Pave was at Glen Park elementary school 2/28, where students, parents and Surfrider volunteers built a bio-swell (retention structure to keep water for planting), as well as little bridges and continued to work on making the ground hospitable for new plants. Phase two complete

Beach Cleanups – Statistics- 106 volunteers, 912 lbs. of trash.

SF International Film Fest-2/27 – 3/2 Jeff and Katie volunteered, did public outreach.

Upcoming Events:

Beach Cleanups – Sunday 3/1 and 3/16 at stairwell 17 from 10-12. Saturday 3/27 at Baker beach will be a big one- the American Bar Association is coming with volunteers

-We are starting to collect butts on beaches and partnering with “teracycle” to recycle them.

OFG -Event-Saturday march 21st, last gardening day from 10-2

Sloat – SF is updating their costal planning master plan. Sharp Park- there is talk to do away with golf course and restore it to where it should be. Keep an eye on his blog.

RAP – The plastic bag ban is being challenged so it will come to vote in November 2016.Shannon is looking for people to spread the word on their own social media or pounding the pavement about not using straws in restaurants and bars. RAP fundraiser in May-“mac and cheese cook-off” with raffle drawing (also looking for donations for that raffle).

Hold On To Your Butts – Shelly is looking to local businesses to sponsor ashtrays/receptacles. Also thinking of having mini-receptacles to encourage mindfulness.

5GYRES – We were visited by Marcus Ericson (cofounder), who published the plastics-in-oceans report. Blake- 5-Gyres new campaign manager, spoke to us about legislation to ban plastic micro-beads in cosmetics. (

Earn the Day- The videographer is wrapping up the video from the teaching kids to surf (Thanks Big Dog). The El Rio bar will have an even in April to show the film and ½ of all drink sales will go to the Boys and Girls/Earn the Day.

March 14th,  we will be tabling at Sunset Mercantile , located at 42nd and Irving. Donations for drinks will benefit Surfrider.

EARTHDAY!!! April 19th Guests from Zipcar and Sports Basement were at tonight’s meeting to discuss Earth Day planning. They will be sponsoring a cleanup on 4/19, with Zipcar inviting there 90,000 members and Sports Basement their thousands of members. Both companies will be offering incentives to their members, such as driving credit, and sports basement making t-shirts. Note-.Zip car services keep cars off the road, Surfrider member gets 10% off at Sports Basement!

-Along with the beach cleanup from 9-12, we are looking to have a BBQ at Church of Surf, and we would need volunteers. Check with Jacqueline (

March 3, 2015

March 3rd EC + General Meeting


6:20 – 6:50 EC Meeting

  • Discussion of Video Series after receiving offer for pro-bono work
  • Future Events 
    • Event Coordinator needed? Decision and next steps.
    • Relationship between event coord & program leads
  • Revamping EC meeting format
    • Less frequent but more robust format?
    • Schedule on calendar in advance
    • How to message to chapter

6:50 – 7:00 Pick up pizzas and beverages


7:00 – 7:20 Settle in, pizzas and mingle 

7:15 – 7:20 Introductions (5 min)

7:20 – 7:40 Guests from Zipcar and Sports Basemen to discuss Earth Day planning  (15-20 min)

  • Both reached out to sponsor ED activities – will discuss details

7:40 – 8 February Recap (20 min)

  • Super Planning Meeting Recap
  • Beach Cleanups
  • Sloat

8- 8:15 Upcoming Events / Updates( 20 min)

  • Beach Cleanups
  • OFG Event
  • Sloat
  • RAP
  • Open Positions
    • Beach Cleanup Lead
    • Education
    • Events Coordinator

8:15 – 8:20 Public Announcements

8:20 – 8:45 Breakout