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About Us

Photo: Pedro Bala

Executive Committee

Surfrider San Francisco’s Executive Committee (EC) volunteers support the chapter’s operations and program needs.

Chair—Holden Hardcastle

Holden is an open water swimmer and surfer, and he recently became a new dad and a San Francisco homeowner. He’s excited to be working with the dedicated Surfrider members, program leads, and Executive Committee to bring about positive change at local, state, and federal levels in order to keep our ocean, waves, and beaches clean for all to enjoy.

Vice Chair—Justine Donato

Growing up in New Jersey, Justine was lucky to have spent every summer ‘down the Shore’ (translation: at the beach). Swimming in the ocean is second nature to her, and her late father passed down his good habits of recycling and picking up trash. Over the years, she’s been involved in beach cleanups on both coasts and has helped with efforts to prevent erosion by planting sea grass on dunes.

She’s excited to be connecting her outreach skills with her love of the ocean and is stoked to be living in the Sunset. Justine can be found on her bike or at the beach, aiming for a plastic-free existence.

Treasurer—Samuel Dimond

Sam grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, outside Boston, and started surfing on Cape Cod early in high school after buying a Jeff Kramer edition Stewart LSP longboard at Nauset Surf (which he still owns). During the winter months in New England, he continued to surf despite the 15 pounds of rubber required.

After moving to San Francisco the first time, he was drawn to Surfrider to meet other surfers and the environmental activism bug caught fire for him. As a finance person, he enjoys bean counting and spreadsheets. His professional focus now is to move into impact investing and he thanks Surfrider for stoking the proverbial flame.

Volunteer Coordinator—Marina Troian

Content Lead—Mia Sullivan

Mia is a writer, editor, and media producer living in San Francisco with her boyfriend and their extremely large dog, Luca. As a kid, Mia’s favorite week of the year fell in late August, when her family took their annual trip to the Jersey Shore. She connected with swimming, bodyboarding, and surfing at a young age, and her desire to surf everyday brought her to Malibu for college. She quickly realized she was a West Coaster at heart and vowed never to move back east of the Rockies.

Oceans, beaches, mountains, and forests are Mia’s playgrounds. She feels compelled to volunteer with Surfrider to raise awareness about threats to the ocean and environment and to tell the story of San Francisco’s rad sea hugging community. If you’d like to help develop media for our chapter or collaborate in any way, please reach out to Mia at

Member at Large—Anna Kauffman

Anna, a Bay Area native and producer by trade, brings her skillset to the fight against plastic marine debris. Having spent much of her life on the beaches of California and Oahu, Hawaii she has seen dramatic changes caused by plastic pollution. Anna is a longtime Surfrider member, a core volunteer, and is part of the San Francisco chapter’s executive committee. Anna works tirelessly alongside our program leads, bars, restaurants, local hospitals and neighborhood groups who are dedicated to combating cigarette butt litter and waste caused by plastic straws and other single-use disposables. She is an environmental advocate for Eco-pliant, Inc., a local distributor providing sustainably sourced solutions, including paper straws, throughout the United States. After picking up over 3,000 plastic shotgun wads from nearly every beach she’s been to in the past few years, Anna is spearheading a global initiative to track wads in the wild.

Member at Large—Eva Holman

Eva is San Francisco native, ocean lover, mom of a Kindergartener superhero, animal advocate, small business owner and Pearl Jam enthusiast. She has been the volunteer lead of the Rise Above Plastics program in SF for about 6 years, and in that time she has been involved in many victories, including the introduction of legislation banning plastic bags, water bottles, styrofoam, plastic straws (ands more) in the City. She recently launched a company dedicated to eliminating single-use plastic in grocery shopping, Goods Holding Company, and is an event producer, professional fundraiser, and Ambassador for 5 Gyres in her spare time. Look for her cleaning up Baker Beach in the morning and follow her adventures at @bakerbeachsf

Program Leads

The programs are where the work gets done. Our volunteer leaders leverage our robust volunteer base to run successful campaigns and work toward their respective missions.

Coastal Access & Beach Preservation Policy—Mike Grizzle & Kyle Stanner

Hold on to Your Butt (HOTYB)—Allie Foraker

Allie Foraker is a Bay Area native, passionate about community engagement and preserving the integrity of outdoor spaces. She is thrilled to join the Surfrider Foundation as the Hold on to Your Butts Program Lead. Since earning her BFA in Photography, Allie has worked as a photographer and producer for over a decade. Allie’s love for creating art will always be a driving force in her life, but the left hemisphere of her brain is just as eager to work. In the past, Allie has managed a volunteer group that encouraged community involvement through fun, accessible, and diverse volunteering opportunities. Looking forward to applying her experience in leadership and project management, Allie is delighted to work with like-minded individuals who are passionate about the preservation of our oceans and coastlines.

Curiosity to explore new skills is Allie’s greatest motivation for growth. Her free time is filled with pursuing new artistic mediums, experimenting in the kitchen, and just about any activity that takes her outside.

Ocean Friendly Restaurants (OFR)—Lucy Hale

Rise Above Plastics (RAP)—Olivia Angus

Olivia is a goofy-footed shortboarder from San Diego. She got her start with Surfrider in 2008 making signs for a Save Trestles rally and has been committed to Surfrider’s mission ever since. She has a background in engineering and loves applying engineering principles to creating environmental change. In her free time, she enjoys Marie Kondo-ing (or KonMari-ing) her life, working towards a zero waste lifestyle, dancing, and exploring with her husband and kids. Follow her journey towards zero waste at @OliviaForTheOcean.

Music Outreach Program—Holden Hardcastle

Event Coordinator—Christy O’Connell

Christy is an East Coast transplant with a West Coast soul. Having grown up swimming in freshwater lakes, and taking summer vacations to the ocean, it was only natural for her to land in California. Her passion for preserving the planet and volunteering also began at a very young age. Since joining Surfrider, nine years ago, she has transformed from volunteer to environmental activist. Christy enjoys planning and coordinating events that are focused on educating our community about the effects of plastic pollution, beach erosion, the importance of coastal preservation, and the critical need for clean water.

Professionally, Christy works in technology as a Regional Office Manager, leading, and executing on all administrative and event planning needs. Christy’s passion for healthy living extends into her personal life. She’s an experienced yogi, loves to hike, paddle board, attend live music, and is a modern art fanatic. One of her goals this year is to get SCUBA certified. Christy is a doting Aunt to two nephews, and a niece who are being taught about the environment at a young age. Her enthusiasm for partnering with like-minded organizations and friendly folks that are passionate about the environment is contagious. If you would like to partner with the San Francisco chapter, please reach out to Christy at