Pounds of Trash Removed
Beach Cleanups to Date

As stewards of our local beaches, we take care of them through regular cleanups. We host at least three beach cleanups a month – two at Ocean Beach and one at Baker Beach.

Not only is it more pleasant to spend time at a clean beach, but a clean beach means less trash makes it into the ocean. Plastics are the worst offenders because they break up into smaller and smaller pieces, becoming microplastics. Those microplastics are ingested by fish, zooplankton, and invertebrates, then make their way back up the food chain.

There are many ways to clean up our local beaches. Come to one of our scheduled cleanups, schedule a private cleanup, or clean up on your own

For our scheduled cleanups, there is no need to RSVP, but if you are going to have a group larger than 10, please email the Volunteer Coordinator so we can make sure we bring sufficient supplies for everybody. For groups, please fill out this, Beach Cleanup Waiver, to help things go smoothly the morning of. We also appreciate for those that have, to bring thier own gloves or grabbers, this will allow us to get the maximum amount of volunteers involved!

There is no minimum time limit on how long you participate, so feel free to drop by for 30 min or stay the whole 2 hours. We look forward to seeing you, your family, friends, and co-workers at one of our beach cleanups soon!

Check out our calendar for our scheduled cleanups.

For Private/Corporate/Weekday Cleanups, please fill out the form using the link below and we will work with you to make the event a success!


As a great way to make a difference as an individual, you can keep it simple and ‘Take 3 for the Sea.’ An organization down in Australia came up with the idea and it’s an easy way to make a difference. Grab 3 pieces of trash every time you go to the beach!

Contact our Beach Cleanup Lead, the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteercoordinator@sf.surfrider.org with any questions.