San Francisco Surfrider Foundation

Better Beach Alliance & Local Resources

Amalgamated Bank
The bank for change-makers—The bank for people who care what their money does in the world. When you deposit your money at Amalgamated, it supports sustainable organizations, progressive causes, and social justice.

Atmos Financial, PBC
Atmos exclusively funds climate-positive infrastructure to show the carbon impact of your FDIC-insured deposits. No minimum balance requirements, no monthly fees of any kind.

California Dept. of Fish with and Wildlife
California’s coast and ocean are among our most treasured resources. The productivity, wildness, and beauty found here is central to California’s identity, heritage, and economy. 

California MPAs
Empowering California’s Coastal Communities in the stewardship of California’s marine protected areas

Different types of Marine Protected Areas
California is the first state in the nation to establish a system of MPAs – similar to national parks and forests on land – to protect and restore ocean habitats and increase the health, productivity, and resilience of ocean ecosystems.

Goods Holding Co.
Simple reusable jar system for bulk bin shopping—With the tare weight printed right on the jar you can skip a step at the grocery store and take your filled jar right up to the cashier without pre-weighing. No plastic bag needed.

MPA Collaborative Network
Empowering California’s Coastal Communities in the stewardship of California’s marine protected areas.

MPA Interpretive Videos
Several 10-17 minute films have been produced to highlight the MPAs in the Central California Coast region with the assistance of Kip Evans from Mountain and Sea Productions.

Plastic Free July
Be Part of the Solution—Join the global movement to reduce plastic pollution. Discover solutions and ideas to help you reduce plastic waste in your home and community.

Project Giving Kids
Helping teach empathy and social responsibility to young people, by providing technology that connects kids, teens, and families to high-quality, age-appropriate volunteer activities.

Zero Grocery
Plastic is a no-go—They are on a mission to remove single-use plastics from the food system. You’ll receive groceries in reusable containers, so go ahead, throw out your trashcan.