March 1, 2016

March Meeting Agenda – March 1st, 2016

6:50 – 7:00 Pick up pizzas and beverages


7:00 – 7:20 Settle in, pizzas and mingle (Shirts available for sale)

7:20 – 7:25 Introductions and Agenda Overview (5 min)

7:25 – 7:40  Chapter Announcements (10 min)

  • Open Positions
      • Volunteer Coordinator
      • Beach Cleanup Coordinator (non EC position)
      • Chair
      • Vice Chair
      • RAP / HOTYB Intern (application based, non EC)
  • Financial update
  • Issue update (general SF/Bay Area issues. trash can example)
  • Chapter personnel update (if any)
  • Surfrider Conference

7:40 – 8:10  Campaign Needs and Upcoming Events (30 min)

  • RAP
  • Beach Cleanups
  • Beach Trash Committee / Take 3 (NPS trash committee?)
  • MOP
  • Sloat
  • Education

8:10 – 8: 25 Guest Speaker (15 min pres, 5 min Q and A)

We are also very excited to welcome Rebecca Prince-Ruiz as a guest speaker at our upcoming March chapter meeting. Rebecca is co-founder of the Plastic Free July challenge in Australia and is travelling the world as a Churchill Fellow to talk about plastic pollution and solutions. She is very much looking forward to learning about some of our local challenges and bringing back information to share with her community in Australia.

8:25 – 8:30 Public Announcements
8:30 – 8:45 Breakout

January 20, 2016

Annual Planning Meeting Notes (+link)

Annual Super-Planning Meeting

January 10th, 2016

The meeting was held at the Church of Surf form 1-4 pm, with approximately 14 members present.

As a chapter, we discussed issues regarding financial transparency, program goals and means of achieving them, as well as separate smaller issues and upcoming events.

Finance- Michael has been working tirelessly to organize and present accurate accounting and summaries of the chapters finances. To accomplish this, finance information will now be in Google docs, and we are working with national to get program actuals.Transparency is key with this topic. If we are to spend money, we are to do so more wisely, to keep us out of the red and sustain campaigns. Questions came up regarding what exactly is considered “in the red”. The topic of Bill being paid as a contractor for Sloat. Questions were raised about his role as a member in conjunction with being a paid contractor, as well as concerns over why some programs had a paid contractor while others did not. The explanation of paying for Restore Sloat is that it’s a key point of our chapter and the contract has a finite lifespan. Everyone was encouraged to reach out individually to Brian + Bill with questions. One of the goals today is to understand what each program needs and planning an annual budget. In addition to each programs’ finance, we talked about moving the meetings around the SF area to accommodate the cost of pizza and beer as well as including other areas and neighborhoods.


Goals – Jeff spoke about program goals and including those on Google docs. He provided instructions on how to enter each programs’ information into the Google document (go into docà templateà right clickàmake new versionà and then map out goals on the calendar. Each program will have its own tab, and we will eventually have a master sheet to allow for understanding of what is going on through the year.

This meeting included several new members, which was encouraging that our chapter has fresh ideas and faces to implement them.

We also discussed the need for a different space for our physical stuff; Brian and Sarah are currently exploring options regarding a shed in the back of Church of Surf.

The topic of EC position elections was thoroughly discussed, and several positions are available to be filled within the upcoming months. We are working to get an event coordinator, Chrissy has expressed and interest and we will vote on this a.s.a.p. There are currently three positions up for election; however, we have yet to see an interest by a member to fill those rolls. Meanwhile, the EC continues to work to find people to fill those positions.


Campaign goals + plans will be posted here:

November 3, 2015

November Meeting Agenda

November 3rd, 2015.


7:00 – 7:15 Settle in, pizzas and mingle (Shirts available for sale)

7:15 – 7:45 Program Updates

  • RAP
  • Beach Cleanups
  • Sloat
  • Ocean Beach Parking Lot Access
  • MOP
  • Education + OFG reach-out

7:45-7:50 Public Announcements

7:50-  Presentation from Bob Battalion + Questions

Bob is a Civil Engineer who will be presenting information regarding the Lake Merced tunnel and it’s future with regards to the Restore Sloat program

8:30 – 9 Breakout/Cleanup

October 13, 2015

October Meeting Minutes – October 6th, 2015

Meeting started at 7 pm on the dot. 32 people attended,


  • OB Fire Pits meeting– encourage everyone to look into the issue – – and think about the issue. SF Surfrider would decide if we should be involved but need more member feedback in order to do so.
  • Beach Cleanups Stats – September Coastal-Clean-Up was a huge success at Sloat, 200+volunteers, and estimated 350 lbs. of trash. There were 300 total volunteers. Sunday 9/18 clean up is with partners at stairwell 17. Halloween Clean-up will be hosted by Eva at Baker Beach and with Zip Car.
  • RAP/Plastic Straws Suck – New member Molly has made it her mission to be working on RAP specifically. Raptober “pledge” on the 15th – 1st 50 people who sign up online to not use straws get a prize. The Oct 31st cleanup specifically focused on RAP. WAVE – Waste Abatement Volunteer Education- is a new program about getting in schools to talk about trash pick up. At 248 Clement, sometime in January, a gallery event with art centered on ocean pollution.
  • HOTYB– working on butt-tins, and trying to get ashcans installed along Embarcadero. Shelly is looking for volunteers to do some pilot studies that involve finding places with a lot of butts, and taking pictures, compiling info where there are high traffic smokers. She showed us the new ashcans that are hopefully to be installed along the waterways.
  • OFG Project – Volunteer Leslie is wanting to get this program going again, and looking for new avenues to do so
  • MOP – Nov 3rd Riptide benefit
  • Sloat – permit by Costal Commission is going through to collect sand for upcoming El Nino. Invited to participate in citizen’s advisory committee on Local Coastal Plan
  • Parking lot/OB Access issue – would be beneficial to aggregate benchmarks in other parts of California where there is a good balance between city and events on parking lot usage.

 Month of October Events

  • October 28th Documentary which chronicles big wave surfing @academy of science
  • EC/Future EC Meeting Schedule -open to all, bi monthly . 1st one is October 20th. Formal invite/announcement to follow
  • Holiday party – we are looking to start planning this a.s.a.p. to get a spot and date on the books.
  • Restore Sloat Meeting – October 13th at 7pm. Email “” for more info.
October 6, 2015

October Meeting Agenda

6:50 – 7:00 Pick up pizzas and beverages


7:00 – 7:20 Settle in, pizzas and mingle (Shirts available for sale)

7:20 – 8 Recap/Updates (20 min)

  • OB Fire Pits meeting
  • Beach Cleanups
  • OB Access Project
  • RAP/Plastic Straws Suck
  • OFG Project
  • MOP
  • Sloat

8 – 8:15 Upcoming Events / Updates(30 min)

  • OB Music & Arts Festival
  • Month of October Events
  • MOP(?)
  • Education Plug
  • EC/Future EC Meeting Schedule

8:15 – 8:20 Public Announcements

8:20 – 8:45 Breakout

September 2, 2015

September Meeting Minutes

Tuesday September 1st, 2015 Minutes

  •  Started promptly at 7:20
  •  21 People attended the meeting


  • Beach Cleanups -First and third Sunday, fourth Saturday of each month. Patagonia

occasionally has them on Monday too. (Who needs to be updating the calendar?)

There is a big cleanup with after party at Church of Surf on September19th for

Coastal Clean-up Day.

  • Hold On to Your Butt– we have been getting out cigarette tins. Shelly has been

talking with authorities at Port of SF to get ashcans installed in areas to get the

runoff that directly goes into bay a bit cleaner. Looking for volunteers.

  • OB Parking lot issue -Brady brought stats on paper -10 events since April, 38th days

of closure.

  • MOP -Outside lands had some new projects come up- “Clean Vibes Trading Post”- if

people brought cans, butts, etc., they could trade them for prizes. There was the

starting of the idea of quarterly beach clean up with Outterlands. Another issue was

The Riptide Bar burning down- fundraiser at Cat Club raised $9,000+ for the Riptide

crew, which has hosted many Surfrider events.

  • Financial updates -from Mike- transaction tracker being made to make finances

more transparent.

  • Sloat Campaign – the big “thing” in August was the sending of a letter to key public

agencies regarding the issue of Lake Merced Tunnel.

  • We had a biologist speaker, Pat Conroy, come in and give a talk and slide show, very

informative about the sewer treatment plants in SF how they clean the water before

it goes out to the ocean, and the water we see on Ocean Beach when we have storms.

The attendees of the meeting had some engaging questions and the speaker was

great at answering them.

  •  Either Tia or Sarah will order more Surfrider logo clothing this week.
  •  Meeting ended at 9 pm
July 6, 2015

July Meeting (July 6th)

We will be holding an Executive Committee (EC) meeting in our regular meeting’s place for July.

We are opening up the EC meeting to the general public around 7:30 for anyone who would like to come by.


Church of Surf – 3830 Noriega Street. SF, CA 94122

May 10, 2015

May Meeting Minutes…mmmmm

San Francisco Surfrider Monthly Meeting Minutes 5/5/15


Earth day – 4/19/15 SF Surfrider partnered with Zip Car and Sports Basement for a beach cleanup, Sports Basement provided rad t-shirts, and there was a BBQ with beer and burgers following at the Church of Surf. We also revealed our new gear, consisting of tank tops, sweatshirts, and men and women’s t-shirts.

407 volunteers, 1300 lbs. trash.

Plastic straws suck campaign launched this month, pushing paper straws instead of plastic, or better yet no straws in drinks, and The Page on Divisadero St.  is already trying it out. The logo was designed pro-bono by Carl and Will, who both attended the meeting tonight for their first time. Look for a bus banner coming soon on a bus in SF. Feel free to hashtag #plasticstrawssuck

Baker beach Cleanup– 4/25/15  SF Surfrider partnered with 5-Gyres at this months Saturday cleanup, with a raffle that many of the cleaners took part in. 150 people, including kids, 150 lbs. of trash

Brian Dow and Shannon Waters with Rise above Plastics received a special certificate on Earth Day from Eric Mar, a SF city official, recognizing their hard work and impact.

MOP – The Tubes and the Mermen at The Chapel, and Alt J both performed and Tia was out there tenting and getting out name out there, well done!

Special note – Thank you for all of those who supported Sustainable Surf event at the Balboa with Greg Long, it was a great event with a huge turnout, good food, drinks, and brands with a speech from our own Michael Stewart and of course Greg long.


Last Sunday’s beach cleanup on 5/3/15 with “Net Impact” over 80 attendees, and not a lot of trash on the beach to collect, good sign!

RAP – May 16th is the mac and cheese cook-off at Church Of Surf, an official event for the Plastic Straws Suck campaign. We need chefs! The event starts at 2pm.  “Amateur cooking for a good cause”. Tickets on line on our website, $20 advance, $25 at door. There raffle prizes including a 2-night stay in Mendocino and other great stuff. . Toph 1 is going to play, should be a good time.

Hold onto your Butts – Shelly, campaign started in So Cal to reduce cigarette waist on beaches. We have been recycling through Teracycle at beach cleanups. Goal is to put in ashcans at beaches and locally. The campaign is challenging us to pick up butts and find places where there is a high number of butts, take pics, and hashtag #holdontoyourbutt. We are starting of doing cleanups in the park, possible Dolores Park.

MOP – Big events coming up!

May 23rd – Baywatch Beach party at Cat Club,let’s educate about Hold Onto Your Butts. Proceeds go to our chapter, it’s straw free, and there will be a silent auction. The Event is posted on SFSURFRIDER FB.

June 6th is BFD that we will be tabling Beach cleanups-on

May 24th, and Baker Beach on the last Saturday of the month with French consulate, and Autodesk.

OysterFest, on August 30th, Surfrider is manning the silent auction. We need a bunch of donations.

JUNE-World Oceans Day-June 7th, for June 8th big day. A world wide day to celebrate the ocean and give back

June 20th, International Surfing day, cleanup and BBQ, a big paddle out, more news to follow

Education program – thinking about exploring a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, to reach out into the local community.

*Brady Logan, native San Franciscan gave a moving talk about the selling out of OB to events that have impediments to public access to the beach. He would like to get on the monthly agenda.



May 5, 2015

Chapter Meeting Agenda – May 5th, 2015

6:50 – 7:00 Pick up pizzas and beverages

7:00 – 7:20 Settle in, pizzas and mingle (Shirts available for sale)

7:20 – 7:25 Introductions (5 min)

7:25 – 7:45 May Recap (20 min)

  • EC Meeting Highlights
  • PSS launch – thank the graphic Designer (Eva)
  • Earth Day Recap Beach Cleanup Stats (Jacqueline)
  • Cleanup with Net Impact
  • SF Supervisors Commendation
  • Sloat

7:45 – 8:15 Upcoming Events / Updates(30 min)

  • RAP / Plastic Straws Suck
  • Sloat
  • MOP
  • World Oceans Day in June
  • International Surfing Day in June
  • Oysterfest Plug
  • Education Plug

8:15 – 8:20 Public Announcements

8:20 – 8:45 Breakout

March 31, 2015

Program Updates – April, 2015



The big news this past month was our appearance at the Bay Conservation and Development Commission hearing on March 19. Our Chapter joined SF Baykeeper, Sierra Club SF Bay chapter, Ocean Research Foundation, Save the Bay, and others in calling for a halt to the expansion of sand mining in SF Bay. At the meeting, we publicly endorsed the Ca Coastal Commission’s recommendation that more study is needed on bay sand mining due its potentially significant impact to Ocean Beach erosion.
Also, stay tuned for an upcoming opportunity to help preserve the beach at Sharp Park.  A proposal to renovate the pump at the lagoon is slated to come before the Ca Coastal Commission in April. When known, we’ll confirm the details thru chapter communications (Facebook, Twitter, Website Calendar, and Email) For more info on our beach preservation campaigns, check out our blog!



Just in time for Earth Day, the RAP program is launching the PLASTIC STRAWS SUCK! campaign. We’ll need help from some enthusiastic volunteers who aren’t afraid to speak to business owners, asking them to offer straws upon request. Volunteers are asked to attend a training following the April chapter meeting on 4/7 (if you can’t make it but would like to be involved, please email Shannon at We’ll cover strategy and talking points, and schedule some days that we can walk the neighborhoods in groups. The RAP team is also looking to garner support from City Hall. Last week Eva and Shannon spoke with an aid in Eric Mar’s office to ask for (1) a city-wide ban on plastic straws, similar to the bottled water ban; and (2) financial support in the form of campaign ads on MUNI buses. We will be continuing this conversation and will keep the chapter updated.
Save the Date for a RAP fundraiser May 16th at Church of Surf. And come hungry as this will be our inaugural mac and cheese cook-off (catchy name and more details to come!)
Lastly, we are partnering with 5 Gyres at the Baker Beach clean up on April 25. Bring your product with micro beads, turn it in and get a raffle ticket and the chance to win a variety of ocean friendly prizes! 10AM-12PM.
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