San Francisco Surfrider Foundation

Hold On To Your Butt

Show your love for SF! If you smoke:

  • Find and use a buttcan (numbered items on the map). We’ll recycle all your butts.
  • Get a free pocket ashtray from the stores on the map (pocket ashtray icon). Or, buy one at Daiso or online.

What are buttcans and pocket ashtrays?

Buttcans are cigarette receptacles where you can safely dispose of your butts. Pocket ashtrays are fireproof pouches or containers that trap smells and keep butts contained until you can safely throw them away. Carry a pocket ashtray for temporary cigarette butt storage. Use the ashtray again and again.

Cigarette butts are plastic

Cigarette filters are made of tiny threads of cellulose acetate plastic – the same plastic in glasses and sunglasses. Littered butts slowly break up into thousands of plastic threads that pollute our water and soil.

Cigarette butts leach nicotine, arsenic, formaldehyde, lead, cadmium, and more into water and soil, threatening water quality, marine life, and seafood safety.

Let’s fix this

In the San Francisco Bay Area alone, 3 billion butts are littered annually. You can help change that!


What we do

  • Partner with local businesses, nonprofits, and government to install buttcans and provide pocket ashtrays in San Francisco
  • Educate that cigarette butts are plastic and toxic
  • Remove cigarette butts from beaches and streets and recycle butts
  • Advocate for the removal of plastic cigarette filters and the creation of anti-litter policies