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Students Work to End Solo Cups on Campus

University and college campuses seek sustainable alternatives to Solo Cups! It’s time to “Bring Your Own Cup” (#BYOC) to events and to reduce unnecessary single-use plastics.

Why #NoSolo?

Solo cups are usually used only once, but never truly go away as they breakdown over hundreds of years. Contrary to Toby Keith’s song, they’re NOTdecomposable in 14 years” and we all pay the price for cheap single-use plastics. A university like the University of California, Berkeley might use 200,000 cups in a year. Solo use is an abuse to our planet! So we say #NoSolo!

Instead, events can use reusable cups, such as the ones created for this campaign, which are easy to carry and infinitely reusable. And if damaged, metal cups can be recycled into a new cup. There’s no reason to trash your campus just for a single event. Bring your own cup or buy an affordable, reusable one at the event while supporting campus organizations.

By asking student groups to host events with reusable cups, the waste is eliminated and attendees get an affordable cup that they can reuse or leave for the group to wash and use again.

Surfrider Foundation UC Berkeley Club

Students at the University of California, Berkeley are starting a movement to end the use of the iconic (but unsustainable) Solo Cup on their campus.

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Want to start a #NoSolo Campaign at your school?

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