San Francisco Surfrider Foundation

Our Beaches

With only 7.5 miles of our 29.5 miles of shoreline directly exposed to the Ocean, we are fortunate to call one of the best beach breaks in the world ours. Along with the wave-rich Ocean Beach, there are some nice secluded pockets of waves and beaches.

We focus our attention on 3 beaches:

Baker Beach

Is the iconic beach to the West of the Golden Gate bridge. It is the northernmost beach in the city and is the gatekeeper to the San Francisco Bay. It stretches a mile long below the rugged cliffs of the Presidio and has sweeping view of the Marin Headlands, the Pacific Ocean, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

It is a heavily recreated beach due to its iconic location and amenities. We host one beach cleanup here a month, where among other plastics, we find a large concentration of shotgun wads that wash through the waterways.

China Beach

Is a tiny cove situated between Lands End to the east and Baker Beach to the west. It provides a nice little beach with the cliffs on either side providing some protection from the winds. It shares the same spectacular views as Baker Beach of the Marin Headlands and Golden Gate Bridge.

The name is derived from the Chinese fisherman who used to frequent the beach during the Gold Rush days.

We do not host regular beach cleanups here, but we provide the option for our Corporate Cleanups.

Ocean Beach

Contains a lot of history for San Francisco. It is a picturesque 3.5-mile stretch of coast with limited development and expansive sand dunes lining the beach. In the surfing world, it is considered one of the most powerful and, at times, perfect beach breaks on the planet.

It provides an escape from the the hustle of the City with fire pits on the north end of the beach, heavy surf, dog-friendly environment, fishing, and plenty of space for beach goers.

Ocean Beach presents a unique problem in regards to trash, as it’s three times the size of all the other beaches in the City. In addition to being a large area, there is insufficient receptacle capacity, which leads to trash coming off the beach but not making it to the landfill.

We host two clean ups on the north end (Stairwell 17) of Ocean Beach a month. We offer other locations on Ocean Beach for Corporate Clean Ups and special events.