Beach Preservation

Restore Sharp Park

Restore Sloat

Our chapter is actively engaged in two coastal preservation campaigns: Restore Sloat and Restore Sharp Park.  For Sloat, we currently have a petition for supporters to sign. Click here to sign!

Sloat Blvd. is the southern access area to Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Sharp Park is located down the coast in the town of Pacifica.

Both Sharp Park and Sloat are undergoing long term erosion.  As beaches erode, their sandy shorelines need to migrate inland.  The problem at Sharp Park and Sloat is that they can’t.  The boundary of these beaches is fixed in place by boulder revetments, a form of seawall used to protect development.

Eventually, the ocean will advance landward until there is no more beach. This has already occurred at Sloat and along vast stretches of the Pacifica shoreline.  A some point, the beach becomes submerged as waves crash against the rock revetments.

Combined with climate change driven storms and sea level rise, we will see accelerated erosion and beach loss at places like Sloat and Sharp Park. Sand replenishment is not a long term, sustainable solution. To preserve our beaches, Surfrider advocates for “managed retreat” solutions.  Managed retreat involves a public planning process to eventually relocate threatened coastal development. Check out our blog for more information on the these issues as well as updates on our campaigns.


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