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The Restore Sharp Park Campaign

Sharp Park Golf Course is located in the town of Pacifica, about ten miles south of the city.  It is owned and operated by the City and County of San Francisco. Our chapter has a campaign here because the beach in front of the golf course is threatened.

How does this work?

At Sharp Park, the beach is undergoing a long term, aggressive erosion pattern. The golf golf course uses a dirt and rock revetment to protect the greens.  As the shoreline erodes, the beach will need space to move landward – or it will disappear under the surf.  In fact, this has already happened along most of Pacifica’s coastline. Sand replenishment for Sharp Park area beaches is not a sustainable option.

Does the Golf Course Require A Seawall?

Sharp Park Golf Course uses a sea wall because it is extremely vulnerable to flooding because the links were built on top of a coastal floodplain.  Flooding occurs two ways at Sharp Park:

1. During major storm events, the coastal hills drain into the low lying area that contains the course.

2. In major winter storm years, huge waves overtop the beach and seawall, adding water to the lagoon and the flooded links.

With sea level rise and climate change driven storms, the beach in front of the golf course is expected to continue eroding. Golf course flooding is expected to increase.  At some point, the golf course will either reinforce the revetment (and ensure the drowning of the beach), move inland or shut down.

Presently, the City and County of San Francisco is committed to renovating the golf course, and maintaining its flood prone links.  Recently a  plan was under consideration to close the course entirely and to restore it back to a wetland.  A resolution was passed in favor of Sharp Park restoration a year ago at the SF Board of Supervisors, but Mayor Lee vetoed it.

 Please join Surfrider, Wild Equity, The Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and others in calling for the closure of the golf course and the restoration of the Sharp Park wetland.  

To help today, please write a letter to Mayor Ed Lee and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors:

Bill McLaughlin, Restore Sharp Park Campaign

• To volunteer for the campaign, email us at

• To learn more about the golf course watershed, download this scientific study of Laguna Salada.

• To learn more about coastal armoring, sea level rise and their associated impacts, check out Surfrider’s Beachapedia.

• To learn even more about the campaign to restore the wetland, visit our partners at Wild Equity.


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