Meeting started at 7 pm on the dot. 32 people attended,


  • OB Fire Pits meeting– encourage everyone to look into the issue – – and think about the issue. SF Surfrider would decide if we should be involved but need more member feedback in order to do so.
  • Beach Cleanups Stats – September Coastal-Clean-Up was a huge success at Sloat, 200+volunteers, and estimated 350 lbs. of trash. There were 300 total volunteers. Sunday 9/18 clean up is with partners at stairwell 17. Halloween Clean-up will be hosted by Eva at Baker Beach and with Zip Car.
  • RAP/Plastic Straws Suck – New member Molly has made it her mission to be working on RAP specifically. Raptober “pledge” on the 15th – 1st 50 people who sign up online to not use straws get a prize. The Oct 31st cleanup specifically focused on RAP. WAVE – Waste Abatement Volunteer Education- is a new program about getting in schools to talk about trash pick up. At 248 Clement, sometime in January, a gallery event with art centered on ocean pollution.
  • HOTYB– working on butt-tins, and trying to get ashcans installed along Embarcadero. Shelly is looking for volunteers to do some pilot studies that involve finding places with a lot of butts, and taking pictures, compiling info where there are high traffic smokers. She showed us the new ashcans that are hopefully to be installed along the waterways.
  • OFG Project – Volunteer Leslie is wanting to get this program going again, and looking for new avenues to do so
  • MOP – Nov 3rd Riptide benefit
  • Sloat – permit by Costal Commission is going through to collect sand for upcoming El Nino. Invited to participate in citizen’s advisory committee on Local Coastal Plan
  • Parking lot/OB Access issue – would be beneficial to aggregate benchmarks in other parts of California where there is a good balance between city and events on parking lot usage.

 Month of October Events

  • October 28th Documentary which chronicles big wave surfing @academy of science
  • EC/Future EC Meeting Schedule -open to all, bi monthly . 1st one is October 20th. Formal invite/announcement to follow
  • Holiday party – we are looking to start planning this a.s.a.p. to get a spot and date on the books.
  • Restore Sloat Meeting – October 13th at 7pm. Email “” for more info.