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Rise Above Plastics (RAP)

Help us turn off the tap of plastic pollution. 

Raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and advocating for a reduction of single-use plastics.

Plastics are everywhere. They are polluting our beaches, choking marine life, poisoning communities on the frontlines of petrochemical facilities, leaching into our food and water supplies, and ending up in our bodies. The toxic lifecycle of single-use plastics undermines our climate goals, threatens the health of all people – especially those on the frontlines of petrochemical manufacturing and disposal facilities, and contributes to the biodiversity crisis.   

Fighting for a future free of plastic pollution. 


Ways to rise above plastic

1) Educate yourself on the issue and discuss what you know with others! You can learn more about plastic pollution through Surfrider Foundation and other organizations working to address this issue, including Break Free from Plastic, Rise Saint James, People over Plastic, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Greenpeace, Beyond Plastic, Peak Plastic, Earthjustice, and 5gyres. 

2) Listen to the communities on the frontlines of petrochemical facilities. Communities are fighting for their livelihood, for clean air and clean water. Stand in solidarity with the most impacted communities, center their stories, amplify their voices, share resources, share power. 

3) Pursue policies that hold the largest polluters accountable, reduce production, and end fossil fuel subsidies.  Campaign for policies that are equitable and just, target systemic change and stop production. 

5) Join an organization that is working to eliminate plastics from your community! We are stronger when we unite our efforts, so contribute your passion to the existing momentum. With your organization, you can collectively work towards a single-use plastic free community, which empowers members as environmental leaders.