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Beach Cleanups

As stewards of our local beaches, we take care of them through regular cleanups.

Not only is it more pleasant to spend time at a clean beach, but a clean beach means less trash makes it into the ocean. Plastics are the worst offenders because they break up into smaller and smaller pieces, becoming microplastics. Those microplastics are ingested by fish, zooplankton, and invertebrates, then make their way back up the food chain.


There are many ways to clean up our local beaches

Come to one of our scheduled cleanups, schedule a private cleanup, or clean up on your own.

Please check out our calendar for the most up to date information. We also encourage cleanup volunteers to bring their own gloves (work / gardening) or grabbers, this will allow us to get the maximum amount of volunteers involved!

There is no minimum time limit on how long you participate, so feel free to drop by for 30 min or stay the whole 2 hours. We look forward to seeing you, your family, friends, and co-workers at one of our beach cleanups soon!


Notify Surfrider staff of any emergencies, needles and syringes, dead or injured animals, and or encampments

  • Wear work or gardening gloves
  • Be careful of glass, nails and sharp items
  • Look before you reach and grab
  • Pick up human-created debris only
  • Don’t lift anything too heavy
  • Children must be supervised by an adult
  • Prevent sunburn and dehydration
  • Encampment — Leave the areas alone

Do not pick up seaweed, seashells, feathers…

These are an important part of the marine ecosystem. Uprooted seagrass and a combination of various other marine organisms that are washed to the shore form a wrack line on the beach. This is an important habitat for insects, crabs, and amphipods, which serve as a food source for birds and land mammals. Additionally, the decomposing organic material provides crucial nutrition to the dune vegetation, and helps to stabilize the shifting beach sands so new dunes can form.

  • Needles / syringes — DON’T PICK UP!
  • Dead / Injured animals — DON’T TOUCH!!

Private, Corporate & Weekday Cleanups & Events

Please note: We are a mostly volunteer-run organization and request a month to coordinate the dates, insurance, volunteers, and misc. details for private cleanups — we appreciate your patience when planning your event.