Thanks to all who have helped in the effort to restore and preserve Ocean Beach this year. Here’s a short highlight list of the 2018 campaign:

1. Secured the passage of the Local Coastal Plan (LCP) amendment.
The amendment we helped shape is a zoning regulation which now allows for beach restoration at Sloat through managed retreat. We submitted written and oral comments every step of the way on the LCP.  

2. Mounted a principled opposition to the Westside Pumpstation Upgrade.

The Pumpstation upgrade will improve our water quality, but will probably need to be protected by armoring at some future point.  We opposed the permit on this ground and the fact that the permit did not include an alternatives analysis containing a landward configuration option for the project.  Although we lost this fight, Surfrider needed to make a point that all new development along Ocean Beach should be planned in such a way as to avoid exposure to erosion.

3. Launched a campaign to include new parking in the upcoming road project.

Over the years, the beach community has lost most of our coastal access parking south of Sloat. A road relocation/consolidation project is coming up soon, and Surfrider is mounting a campaign to ensure parking is included in the plans.