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Chapter Meeting Minutes - Feb 3rd, 2015

Introductions - New people! And quite a few old faces who we hadn’t seen in a while

Election-Mike was voted in for treasurer position, done by chapter by-laws, and we said goodbye to Adam.

January Recap

    • Super Planning Meeting Recap- The main goal being to grow our presence in 2015, by increasing programs and events, step up social media, reiterating empowerment and pride to our members, and by strategizing.  Culture is important here, we want to build a culture of respect, fun, mindfulness , and appreciation.
    • Sunset Community Meeting- are held at the sunset library, 3rd wed. of the month to discuss the new blueprint for the sunset, housing, commuting, etc.
    • Beach Cleanups-  nearly 100 volunteers at Sloat, 150 total, 550 lbs of trash. Next one is on Sunday the 15th, and Sunday the 28th. We still need clean up leaders
    • OFG- Glen Park elementary school-planting and biosoils. Phase 2 of rehabbing the soil at the school is this weekend, Feb. 8th,  from 10-2. If it rains, we raincheck.
    • Sloat- potential video in the works
    • RAP-Shannon and Eva- “Plastic Straws Suck” (their new campaign)  meeting on Sunday the 8th at 2 at Noriega Pizza.
    • MOP- The events this year are B. F. D., High Sierra, Outside Lands. Launching an ambassador program with national groups, and locals, to get exposure in SF. Partnered with Reverb-green touring process.  
  • Earn the Day- Mike Stewart is going to be the financial sponsor,  their website is coming soon. Documentary coming together soon, and Carl is planning to possibly  show the video with Surfrider at an event at Balboa, bar, etc with an entry fee to benefit the programs


Other programs or Events brought up by members-

  • All one Ocean- Adam and Lauren: New event-  March 21st a 5k run, 1k walk, this year its at Crissy Field. It will start with a beach clean up, and there will be yoga, music, and food. Adam is looking to team up with surfrider for possible donations for raffle to be held that day.
  • Ocean Film Festival- at Ft. Mason, we are tabling Feb.27th, Christy O’Connel is working on it, we need to check in with her before the event, she will need volunteers.
  • “Stoak Share”-New member brought this up, a program he started in the Sunset-shares adventure equipment- An online platform-, and you can rent out your board. A community of outdoor stuff that can be rented so you never have to buy new stuff when you travel and forget your board!
  • 5 gyres Valentines event at Establish, Thursday Feb.12th from 5-9.
  • National Park Services- meeting this Thursday Feb. 5th at 6pm at the Cliff House regarding bonfires on beaches.