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September Meeting Minutes

Tuesday September 1st, 2015 Minutes

  •  Started promptly at 7:20
  •  21 People attended the meeting


  • Beach Cleanups -First and third Sunday, fourth Saturday of each month. Patagonia

occasionally has them on Monday too. (Who needs to be updating the calendar?)

There is a big cleanup with after party at Church of Surf on September19th for

Coastal Clean-up Day.

  • Hold On to Your Butt- we have been getting out cigarette tins. Shelly has been

talking with authorities at Port of SF to get ashcans installed in areas to get the

runoff that directly goes into bay a bit cleaner. Looking for volunteers.

  • OB Parking lot issue -Brady brought stats on paper -10 events since April, 38th days

of closure.

  • MOP -Outside lands had some new projects come up- “Clean Vibes Trading Post”- if

people brought cans, butts, etc., they could trade them for prizes. There was the

starting of the idea of quarterly beach clean up with Outterlands. Another issue was

The Riptide Bar burning down- fundraiser at Cat Club raised $9,000+ for the Riptide

crew, which has hosted many Surfrider events.

  • Financial updates -from Mike- transaction tracker being made to make finances

more transparent.

  • Sloat Campaign - the big “thing” in August was the sending of a letter to key public

agencies regarding the issue of Lake Merced Tunnel.

  • We had a biologist speaker, Pat Conroy, come in and give a talk and slide show, very

informative about the sewer treatment plants in SF how they clean the water before

it goes out to the ocean, and the water we see on Ocean Beach when we have storms.

The attendees of the meeting had some engaging questions and the speaker was

great at answering them.

  •  Either Tia or Sarah will order more Surfrider logo clothing this week.
  •  Meeting ended at 9 pm