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Kicking Butt All Over SF

November brings our 2017 butt count to close to 100,000 cig butts collected! Thanks to the work of our relentless Surfrider Butt Brigade and our partnerships with SF Environment, Department of Public Works, and Supervisors Tang and Fewer, we’re installing buttcans and doing cigarette butt cleanups throughout San Francisco.

North Beach (District-D3)
In August, we held our first North Beach cigarette butt cleanup, where we collected 6,000 butts and installed 5 new ashcans that will be maintained by North Beach merchants. Check out our blog for more info and pics.

Richmond & Sunset and Richmond (D1 & 4)
Public Works ambassadors are doing an amazing job of maintaining the City-sponsored buttcans—follow their progress on IG @holdontoyourbutt. The pilot has been so successful that we’ve already added 5 more cans to Geary St.

We’ve also installed 5 more buttcans along Taraval St., for a total of 8, which will be maintained by our volunteers and merchants. Thank you to People of Parkside for your support!

USF/Panhandle (D5)
We’re supporting USF in its efforts to go smoke-free AND reduce cigarette butt pollution by donating buttcans and training staff to install them around the campus perimeter.

East Cut & SOMA (D6)
The newly designated East Cut is holding on to its butts in a big way! Their Community Benefit District helped us install 10 cans and they’ll be recycling all of the butts through TerraCycle.

The Cat Club's been one of our longest supporters and recently recycled 10,000 butts!

Your Neighborhood
SF has 11 Districts and we need buttcans in them all. Get your neighborhood involved! Email your District Supervisor asking for their support using this email template.