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The 2017 Campaign In Review

In 2017 our Chapter activists and supporters put in a lot time attending meetings, signing petitions and providing comment letters in support of the Local Coastal Plan Amendment (LCP).  The LCP essentially greenlights Sloat restoration and promotes future managed retreat planning for the rest of the Ocean Beach shoreline. We wish to commend everyone that helped with the campaign thus far.

What's next on the roadmap to Restore Sloat?

2018 Near-Term Improvements.  
New temporary parking arrangements for beach access south of Sloat are due to begin construction this year. A walking/jogging path will be included in the project.

Alternatives Analysis Report (AAR)
The AAR is for the long-term restoration / protection project that was outlined in the Ocean Beach Master Plan. The AAR will include a relocation option weighed for the Lake Merced Tunnel. Surfrider has advocated that the City look into this option as it may bring the most long-term benefits in term of infrastructure security, beach restoration and cost effectiveness.

The Conceptual Engineering Report (CER) Phase
Following on the heals of the AAR, a preferred project will be selected. The CER will be the initial engineering specs for the long-term plan.

2019 Environmental Review: 
By 2019, a period of Environmental Review / CEQA (CA Environmental Quality Act) determination will begin for the long-term project.

2020 Coastal Commission Permitting
The final stop before construction of the long-term plan will include a Coastal Commission permit application which is due to be heard by 2020. If all goes well, we can see the a Sloat restoration project break ground in 2021.