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New Wastewater Infrastructure at Sloat Undermines Long-Term Managed Retreat Planning

We are dismayed to report that SFPUC, unbeknown to us until very recently - is seeking a Coastal Commission permit to build new wastewater infrastructure at Sloat. 

The new SFPUC project is essentially a redundancy system and new force main for the Westside Pumpstation.  While the project will improve water quality by decreasing sewer overflow events, a significant part of the new development will be located in the erosion hazard area we are trying to restore. 

To protect this new structure, the City is de facto going to rely on the buried seawall fronting the Lake Merced Tunnel. 
See link below for project details.  Clck for Thursday's Agenda item 10A.  There you will find a link to submit public comments which are due by 5pm today!  

Application No. 2-17-0184 (San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, San Francisco)Application by San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to add redundancy wastewater infrastructure associated with existing Westside Pump Station at 2900 Great Hwy in Ocean Beach area on west side of San Francisco, San Francisco County.

Please send in a comment asking for the denial of CDP 2-17-0184.  Even a simple statement like the following would be great help: 


My name is _____. I surf/visit/hike/fish (whatever you do) Ocean Beach. I am writing today to ask that  CDP 2-17-0184 be denied because this development could be configured landward. Allowing this permit to be approved in the current design undermines the efforts of all stakeholders to restore this shoreline thru long-term managed retreat planning. At the minimum, the project should be placed on hold until an LCP update and long-term management plan is approved by the Coastal Commission. Thank you. 

(your name)