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Pump Station Issue Postponed

Thanks to your help, the Coastal Commission voted to postpone the Westside Pump Station upgrade project until the May meeting. We will have more info on how you can help with this issue by mid-April. 
A significant number of the Commissioners were sympathetic to our argument. Even those inclined to support the project - such as our own Aaron Peskin - recognized that the City should at least have an updated Local Coastal Plan approved before this new development goes thru. To view the video recorded hearing, see item 10A in the video replay.

We believe the permit postponement is a good outcome as the added time provides a window for all to consider the implications of this project, both long-term and short.

Ultimately, if California's coastal towns are going to protect their beaches from eroding away, they need to weigh the benefits of relocating development away from the water.  Seawalls and revetments typically harm beaches.  Sand replenishment is not going to be a sustainable, long-term fix.