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Coastal Commission Set to Vote on LCP / Westside Pump Station

The next meeting of the Coastal Commission is now set.  It will be held up north in Santa Rosa on May 9 - 11.  Ocean Beach issues are on the North Central District agenda which will be heard on Thursday May 10th. Here is the official link to the agenda page. 

If you cannot attend the hearing, here's how you can help.

Just send in an email letter by Friday May 4th 5pm. Click on this link to the Coastal Commission's agenda website. Scroll down the page to Agenda Items 9A and 10A. Click Add Comment. See below for a sample letter.

Note: If you can attend the hearing show up well before 9am to fill out a speaker card.  Be prepared to speak sometime around mid to late morning at the earliest.

I _____ (hike, surf, fish, enjoy etc.) Ocean Beach. While I support the proposed Westside Pumpstation upgrade and the water quality benefits it will bring to our ocean, I am concerned that the project's proposed design may lead to expanded future armoring in the area.  Furthermore a more appropriate, landward configuration alternative was rejected without a substantial analysis. 

Due to the effects of climate change and sea level rise, realignment and managed retreat of the wastewater infrastructure will eventually be needed to preserve this stretch of Ocean Beach.  Please deny this Coastal Development project and send it back for revision until a long-term management plan is first approved, and a quality alternative analysis is complete.