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Next Step: Project Engineering and Design

The last stage in the campaign to restore Sloat is about to begin.  We are now firmly on the march to building the Ocean Beach Master Plan recommendation for the erosion site.

This juncture is especially critical as the fine details of the shoreline management plan are about to be set.  Key items that need to be resolved are:

  1. When will the road be redirected behind the SF Zoo? How will the traffic flow be managed in a way that does not create jams and back-ups, especially on nice weather weekends?
  2. Where will the new main Sloat parking be built? How many spaces will it provide, who will managed it - NPS or SF Rec. and Park?
  3. When and how will the buried seawall be constructed?  What is the time-table for rock removal?
  4. What sand replenishment regime can we expect to see - what triggers a replenishment project, who funds this work, etc.?

Surfrider is pressing to ensure that the community has input into these kinds of details as we enter the final planning process.