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Sharp Park and Pacifica's LCP

Pacifica is currently undertaking its own Local Coastal Plan (LCP) update. As explained in prior posts, an LCP is a city or town’s management plan for its coastal zone.

Public meetings for Pacifica’s LCP have already begun.  Apparently, there is a contingent very hostile to any talk of managed retreat. Once again, unfounded fears are being spread linking managed retreat to neighborhood flooding at Sharp Park.

Managed retreat includes the word “managed” for a reason. Relocation of threatened shoreline structures are managed.  Serious issues such as coastal flooding are accounted for and addressed.

For example, at Sloat, San Francisco's managed retreat plan will include protections for the nearby wastewater infrastructure. Sand dunes and restored beach areas are to work in conjunction with a buried seawall system. A combination of a restored shoreline and a back-up structure are used to slow erosion, prevent storm damage, and preserve the beach.

Pacifica has an extremely challenging erosion issue.  We encourage all LCP participants to get the facts from the scientific community; and to keep an open mind about managed retreat.