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Beach Parking Needed ASAP! Coastal Commission Hearing Coming to SF

Surfrider is asking for our activists to help advocate for immediate beach access parking for the erosion site.  The City has put up new concrete guard rails to prevent people from parking along the bluff without building an additional alternative parking arrangement. Fortunately, there is a great opportunity to weigh in on this. The California Coastal Commission is holding their November 2018 hearing in San Francisco.  Come join us in advocating for immediate parking relief for Sloat.

Here's the details:
CA Coastal Commission HearingNovember 7-9 Aquarium of the Bay San Francisco - Farallon RoomPier 39 Embarcadero and Beach Street 8-5pm
Our region is the North Central Coast District. The Commission agenda for our region will be heard on Thursday November 8th.  The agenda item is #19 the Deputy Director's Report.

Please show up at around 8am to fill out a comment card if you would like to speak.  Not able to make it?

Send an email to: 
Subject Line: Agenda#19 Deputy Director's Report

Below is a sample letter.  Feel free to cut and paste and/or add your own take on the matter.

My name is.. _______________ and I __________ (surf, hike, fish, enjoy, etc) Ocean Beach.  While I support the restoration plan for the erosion site south of Sloat, the initial phase of road realignment should be accompanied by parking upgrades. 

Parking access south of Sloat is critical for beach access. Originally, our two parking lots provided 200 spaces.  Currently, the south parking access has been completely lost to erosion while the north lot has only 29 parking spaces left. This is inadequate. We need immediate parking relief in the upcoming road realignment project as well as a quality long-term replacement for the main parking lot.

Thank you.  _____________(your name, address)