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Love SF. Recycle Your Butts.

Show your love for SF and give your butts a second life.

Cigarette butts are plastic, toxic litter. Butts flicked on the street make their way into our ocean and bay. And these plastic, toxic butts can harm marine life.

The good news is that it's easy to keep cigarette litter off the streets, protecting the critters in our ocean and bay, and keeping the city we love clean.

Stash your ash.

Carry a reusable pocket ashtray to keep your butts off the streets. We're giving them away at our chapter meetings and events, and to cigarette retailers and bars. Or, you can buy them at Daiso or online. You can stick a lit cigarette butt into the foil-lined pouch to extinguish it, and keep it safely stashed until you can throw it away safely. Use the ashtray again and again.

Find a buttcan and recycle those butts.

Use a buttcan and give your butts a second life! We recycle all the cigarette butts we collect with TerraCycle. They'll put that plastic to good use by sterilizing it and transforming your butts into railroad ties, shipping pallets, even ashtrays.

Spread the word.

Most people don't know that cigarette butts are plastic and aren't aware of the harms of cigarette litter. Share our infographic and spread the word that it's easy to prevent this plastic, toxic litter.