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3 Plastic-Free Swaps to Make This Fall

Don't let the heatwave fool you. Fall is here! With the changing leaves and the (soon to be) crisp weather, there are a few simple swaps you can make this Fall to help reduce your plastic footprint.

1. Sweaters & Blankets

Nothing says Fall like pulling out your cozy sweaters and blankets! If you need to replace some of them, choose natural fibers like cotton, silk and wool. When we wash our clothes, they shed tiny microfibers which wash into the ocean. With synthetic fibers like polyester, rayon, and nylon those tiny fibers act like plastic because they essentially are plastic. They absorb and release toxins and slowly break down into smaller and smaller pieces where they get ingested by marine life. So, where you can, choose natural fibers!

2. Laundry

Speaking of sweaters and blankets, you'll probably need to give them a wash before using them to get rid of that stale smell. When choosing laundry detergents, choose ones that are packaged in cardboard. There are various brands that package in cardboard and create detergent in all forms including liquid pods, dissolving strips, and regular powder. Also, for washing synthetic fibers, use a Cora Ball or Guppy Bag to help catch some of those synthetic microfibers.

3. Spices

Fall is the time for warm spiced desserts! With apples in season, it's the perfect time to indulge in some homemade apple pie. When stocking up on Fall spices, choose ones that are packaged in glass containers, or order some from a local bulk store like Oaktown Spice Shop. Before COVID, you bring your own containers to Oaktown and fill them with loose spices. Now they'll ship to you or you can pick up your order at their shop in Oakland!