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Breaking Our Oil Addiction 

On May 21st, 2022 California will once again join hands to express opposition to dirty fuels, and support for clean energy.  Hands Across the Sand / Land is a movement made up of people from all walks of life. We are parents, friends, neighbors, small business owners, and sportsmen.  We span political lines, geographic boundaries, and socio-economic groups. We are united by the desire to protect our coastal economies, oceans, wildlife, fisheries, our environment and our way of life. 

Offshore drilling is dirty, dangerous, and unsustainable. With 781 spills reported by the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement from 1995-2013, it is only a matter of time before the next catastrophic spill. In 2022, there was a significant spill off the coast of California. Recreational saltwater fishing in Florida provides over 98,000 jobs and has an economic sales impact of $10.5 billion.  That’s just a drop in the bucket compared to Florida’s $57 billion tourism industry. Our coastal resources are simply too great to risk another Deepwater Horizon disaster.  

Hands Across the Sand is about embracing energy sources that will sustain our planet. A clean energy policy is the path to job growth, a vibrant economic future, improved international relations, and long-term energy independence. New clean energy, in combination with reduced consumption, will help us break our addiction to fossil fuels. Hands Across the Sand is sponsored by Bud & Alleys, Oceana, Surfrider, Sierra Club, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and SoWal, as well as being endorsed by many national environmental organizations.

Across the state, across the nation, and around the world, we join hands for future generations. We join hands so they will know the beauty of our shores, catching the perfect wave, or reeling in the big one. We join hands on May 21st to protect what we love.  

Please join me at Ocean Beach on May 21st 2022. Join hands to say no to fossil fuels, and yes to a safe, healthy, and sustainable future with clean energy.